WhatsApp Business App – Best Features, How to Download on Android, iOS

WhatsApp Business app was launched by WhatsApp in January 2018 for small & large businesses to offer customer service, conversational commerce via WhatsApp using chat bots or live agents. By 2020, WhatsApp Business user base had increased significantly and it was also used by airlines, banks, e-commerce retailers to provide services like ticket details, bank account information, offers & more. WhatsApp Business has become an easy tool for businesses to interact with their customers. WhatsApp Business has all the functionalities as the standard WhatsApp Messenger app but with extra business features.

WhatsApp Business App Features:

  1. Creation of business profile for customers to find information regarding your business, say website, location, services offered or contact information
  2. Use bots or Away messages to reply to customers when you are away or inactive on the app
  3. WhatsApp Business can also be used with a landline number which will be verified and customers can then message you on WhatsApp using that number
  4. WhatsApp Business & WhatsApp Messenger apps can be used on the same phone when registered with different numbers
  5. Respond more actively & efficiently with the help of WhatsApp Web feature

WhatsApp Business Download Links:

WhatsApp Business for Android                  

WhatsApp Business for iOS