TS Schools & Colleges Shut From April 27th Onwards:

Schools and colleges functioning in Telangana will be shut from April 27th – an order passed by the Telangana state government declared on Sunday 25th April. The Telangana state government announced on Sunday that summer vacations for schools and colleges in the state will commence from 27th April and last till 31st of May, this means that Monday would be the last working day for school staff who have been travelling to school to conduct online classes and other work duties from school premises. The summer vacations are a result of the government deciding to close educational institutions as the spread of Covid-19 in the state has been causing a sharp increase in positive cases day by day.

Teachers and school employees across the state of Telangana from different schools put forward their suggestions and requests to the education ministry which stated that the employees who have to travel to their respective schools for work are prone to a higher risk of getting infected. These requests were submitted soon after it emerged that a high number of teachers have tested positive for Covid-19 in the last couple of weeks. The schools and colleges will remain shut till at least May 31st as per government orders. As per the news received over the last couple of weeks and the severe rise in worsening of the coronavirus pandemic situation in India, most competitive exams have been postponed to be conducted when the situation becomes safe enough to conduct them without any health hazards.

The Telangana government usually specifies the date for commencement of the next academic year but they have not made any such announcements thus far. While the holidays are scheduled till May 31st 2021, rumours from officials state that educational institutions will receive the green light to go ahead with starting classes for the academic year 2021-2022 from the second week of June. Stay tuned with us to receive the latest updates and developments as they happen.