Truecaller App

Truecaller is a caller ID app that can identify who is calling you even if their number isn’t saved on your mobile. Truecaller is useful for blocking spam & telemarketer calls, its community-based blocklist is updated frequently. Truecaller notifies you of an incoming or spam call before you answer and prevents users from falling into marketing schemes & scamming callers. Truecaller also helps identify immediately every unknown SMS sender. Easy to use, organize into categories & real-time reporting means Truecaller has a real-time active database to protect its users from Spam, Telemarketers, Fraudsters, Scammers & Harassers automatically.

Truecaller App Features:

  • One of the world’s best caller-ID apps
  • Know who is calling you before the call
  • Free voice calling with friends via Truecaller
  • Backup feature for backing up call records, contacts, messages, blacklists & settings to Google Drive
  • World class blocking & spam detection features with real-time community-based database updating system

Download Links:

Truecaller for Android Devices

Truecaller for iOS Devices