Key benefits for studying MBBS abroad:

  • Studying abroad doesn’t necessarily mean bypassing the education of India in terms of medical studies and research. The fact must not be forgotten than this same India homes to some of the most outstanding medical research programmes visited by thousands of patients every year just to get recovered.
  • It is all because of the best certified doctors who though study abroad still come back India to serve the nation.
  • Studying abroad doesn’t mean settling their but instead gaining something extra which won’t be found within a particular nation and coming fully acknowledged to serve back your own nation and its people.
  • Some of the best-known countries that are absolutely Indian-friendly for educating MBBS studies are Philippines, USA, Europe, Russia, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The list isn’t short but these some of the topmost countries that provide Indian students universities approved by MCI without any proper recognition, extra wastage of money and time.
  • Nowadays, medicinal studies in India very challenging task for students because available MBBS seats are limited in comparison to interested applicants. Indian government conducting NEET exams for medical admission its tough competitions to clear the exams in India. So, the better student tries to complete MBBS in abroad.
  • The basic eligibility criteria for Indian students to pursue MBBS abroad are:
  • The candidate must have passed Class 12th in PCB.
  • The minimum percentage in the qualifying exam should be 50%.
  • The candidate must qualify the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) exam.

Key benefits of studying MBBS in abroad for Indian students:

  1. Cheap tuition fees:
  2. This is one of the first-most reason why to study abroad.
  3. Tuition fee is an important factor during education but excessive cost is nothing but a sure wastage of money.
  4. Therefore, medical universities abroad do have a low tuition fee structure.
  5. There is also a facility abroad to pay these fees in an instalment.
  • Free Admission Process:
  • Indian student when apply to medical colleges and universities in India online, most of them try to collect an initial amount for admission.
  • But in case of these institutes abroad, students can feel complete free to apply to more universities abroad that too free of cost.
  • Easy eligible criteria for Indian students:
  • The minimum age limit for Indian studies in these countries to pursue medicine is only 18 years along with qualifying marks of NEET defined by MCI.
  • Experienced faculty:
  • Faculty of the university are well-experienced doctors and highly qualified professionals.
  • They providing a lot of practical knowledge to medical students.
  • MCI And WHO Approved University:
  • Most of the medical universities abroad are approved by MCI & WHO.
  • This benefits Indian students to get hired as an intern easily as an MBBS doctor in top hospitals in India and also another country.
  • Not only this, the MCI has also approved these universities to conduct maximum number of medical camps in village areas for training students for learning purposes and experience the actual field of expertise.
  • Proper Indian Food for students:
  • These universities provide proper Indian food(Veg & Non-Veg) for students.

List of best-known medical universities suitable for Indian students to pursue MBBS:

RussiaAltai State Medical University
RussiaUlyanovsk State Medical University
UkraineUzhhorod National University
UkraineTernopil State Medical University
UkraineVinnytsia National Medical University
UkraineBogomolets national medical university
PhilippinesAMA University School of Medicine
KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan State Medical Academy
KyrgyzstanAsian Medical institute
KyrgyzstanKazakh National Medical University