Facebook Lite App – Features, How to Download on Android & iOS?

Facebook Lite is a smaller package of the Facebook app. Facebook Lite has most of the basic features that the Facebook app has but it is much simpler in design & uses less animations. Facebook Lite is an app that requires less data to use Facebook but is also much smaller than the Facebook mobile app in terms of package size. The app size of Facebook Lite is under 10-12 MB but the full Facebook app is anywhere between 40-60 MB in size. Facebook Lite requires less data transfer to use hence it can used in remote locations with less powerful network coverages and even on phones that have only 2G network. 

Facebook Lite App Features:

  • Connect with friends & family, explore trends & topics
  • Watch entertainment, music, news, sports etc. videos
  • Share your status, upload a photo or video to share with your followers
  • Meet new people, discover new avenues, local events & know about things happening around the world
  • Enjoy all the basic features of Facebook using minimal data
  • Utilizes less storage & data on phone and mobile networks

Facebook Lite Download Links:

Facebook Lite for Android Devices           

Facebook Lite for iOS Devices